Mcdonalds Gift Card Balance: Check Your Gift Card Balance

‌McDonald’s is an American fast food company which is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. And it was Founded 77 years ago on May 15, 1940, in San Bernardino, California by Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonald’s Headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, US, but planned to move its Headquarters to Chicago by 2018. It is serving 69 million customers daily across the world in over 100 countries.

‌McDonald’s is best known for Hamburgers but they also sell Cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and dessert. McDonald’s is having 1.9 million employees which hold the record of World’s second largest private employer with Walmart standing first. In view of customers changing tastes, McDonald’s also added salads, fish, smoothies, and fruit to its menu.

Ray Arthur Kroc, the founders and former CEO of McDonald’s corporation joined McDonald’s in 1954 as a franchise agent. Ray Kroc’s ideas made McDonald’s as one of the most successful fast food Operations in the world. Under the guidance of Ray Kroc, McDonald’s filed for a trademark on a new logo – an overlapping double-arched “M” symbol.

McDonalds Gift card balance:

McDonald’s offers McDonald’s gift cards and McDonald’s arch gift cards. The McDonald’s Gift card are in the denominations starting from $ 5, $10, $20 and so on. McDonald’s issue McDonald’s Gift cards only in stores. McDonald, We can reload McDonald’s gift cards online by logging into and entering unique register user ID and password. And it sells only physical cards that too at stores itself. McDonald’s do not offer any eGift cards. You can repay the McDonald’s Gift card balance online at any time using your credit card( starting at $10 ).And You can replace  Stolen or lost McDonald’s Gift cards just by submitting activation and reload receipts at the nearest McDonald’s stores.

Mcdonalds Gift Card Balance
Mcdonalds Gift Card Balance

Check your McDonalds Gift card balance:

We can check McDonalds Gift card balance in three ways.

On a phone call.

On online by logging into McDonalds official portal

At stores.

Through Phone call:

You can check your McDonald’s Gift card balance by just dialing to a toll-free number 18774582200.And Listen to the detailed instructions then enter your card details when prompted.

Online method:

Log on to and enter your registered user ID and password to check your McDonald’s Gift card balance through online. McDonald’s Gift cards do not have any expiry date. McDonald does not offer any PINs for its Gift cards. McDonald’s do not offer any reward points on the purchase by using McDonald’s Gift card.

At Stores:

You can check your McDonald’s Gift card balance at stores also. Go to the customer desk and tell your McDonald’s Gift card details to the Customer support. They will check the McDonalds Gift balance and will tell you. You can also give Mcd a feedback at Mcdvoice , which is their official survey page.
McDonald’s Gift cards can be canceled or replaced upon presentation of the original activation receipt or the most recent reload receipt.  Gift cards balance is not refundable unless required by law.
McDonald’s Gift cards have no maintenance fees or purchase fees. McDonald’s does not allow you to transfer or convert the Gift card balance into other forms.